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Individual Creative Retreats

The Brouzils Individual Creative Retreat Program.

Personalized support for writers and artists working in solitude or in mentored study. Private workspaces, quiet surroundings, comfortable accommodations, individual tutorials in rural France – the Brouzils retreats are perfect for workers engaged in creative writing, the arts, language and music.

The Retreats. Each year, from March until July, and from September through early November, The Brouzils Institute opens the doors of its small, private chateau to visiting writers, artists, and students of all ages. The number of participants accepted into the Individual Retreat Program is quite small. No more than three participants (occupying single or double rooms) may be in residence at any one time. Participants specify the length of time required, the kind of work they hope to accomplish and the level of mentoring and instruction, if any, they wish provided. Please note that a non-academic mentorship program for those who are engaged in manuscript completion is also available. For additional details, email the Seminars:

The accommodations. Quarters provided to participants are clean and simple: A bed, a writing desk, studio space when needed. If you are traveling with a companion, please consult us for arrangements. The baths are shared as are the common rooms. Participants are provided with daily continental-style breakfasts. The building is a quiet one and participants are expected to respect the need others have for work without distractions. Because of the age of the building, those with special needs should contact the Seminars before reserving space to make suitable arrangements.

Facilities. Internet access is available through a wireless connection. Ethernet and dial-up connections are not possible. A limited number of bicycles is available. The village and other nearby shops provide the usual array of provisions, including excellent wines and cheeses. Pay-as-you-go cell phones are available in limited number.

The area. Les Brouzils is adjacent to a large, historic forest, but otherwise surrounded by farms and fields. Bicycling is easy and walking is pleasant. A nearby rural station provides frequent service to Nantes (about 30 minutes) and to Les Sables d’Olonne on the Vendean coast (about an hour).

The Brouzils Seminars Individual Retreat Program.

Participation in the retreat program is very limited. Accommodations are available on a first-come, first-served basis only.

Accommodations and fees.

  • Minimum retreat length: One week. Retreats may be scheduled to provide extra time for those pursuing one of the Seminar programs offered in July and August. Off-season (winter) residencies are available under certain conditions. Enquire for additional details.
  • Fees: From US$935.00 per room per six-night week, breakfast included. Those requiring mentoring, academic credit, specific instruction should seek to make arrangements in advance, as additional fees may apply. Individual creative consultation is also charged separately.
  • Faculty for painting, drawing and illustration, music (including voice and piano), history, writing, costume and fashion, French and German are available. Fees vary. In accordance with Brouzils Seminars practices, all faculty are experienced, working professionals with appropriate academic qualifications.
  • Studio space is available at no charge.

Fee payments may be made through PayPal or by check through the US agent: Brouzils Seminars LLC, 118 N. Locust St., Mankato, KS 66956. For additional information, please email info at Refunds: 75 percent refunds for cancellations made at least 30 days in advance.

Not included: Air fare, accommodations, insurance, travel document fees (including valid passports), independent excursions, telephone charges, books, any personal items. NOTE: All retreat visitors participate at their own risk. You must provide your own insurance against illness, injury and travel disruption.


London and Brussels are often the most inexpensive destinations in Europe for participants coming from the US. There is frequent, low-cost air service to Nantes and La Rochelle from various European cities. Connections from Brussels and from Paris to Nantes by rail are fast and frequent. Car rental is available in Nantes and La Rochelle or arrange with us for transportation. SNCF-TER trains provide transportation to Nantes from the neighboring village (l’Hébergement). Trains to and from Nantes run several times daily; travel time is approximately 35 minutes. Travel time to the coast is approximately one hour. Visit for details.

For additional information, contact us at