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The Brouzils Publishing Program

Go from a polished manuscript to a finished, published book in two weeks.

BPP-150The Brouzils Publishing Program is one of the most ambitious programs in Brouzils’ history – and very much unlike other writing programs offered elsewhere. The world of writing and publishing is changing rapidly and we are leading the way in creating new programs designed to help literary artists keep up.

The Brouzils Publishing Program is not a program intended to teach you how to write. Instead, it’s a program designed to teach you how to be happily published. Every day, stories appear in the media describing a successful self-publishing venture. The Brouzils Publishing Program combines the experience of publishing professionals with an awareness of the importance of new technology and radically different approaches to publishing and bookselling. This is an ideal program for fiction and memoir writers as well as entrepreneurs with books intended to raise a professional profile or boost a small business.

Participants in Brouzils Publishing Program track spend less time going over existing manuscripts and more time planning and launching a finished book. While the Seminars’ traditional workshops accommodate beginning writers or those with unfinished projects, the Publishing Program participants are given professional support in actually publishing a book — as well as marketing, promoting and selling it!

In this program, book creation, development, design, marketing and promotion are the primary emphases of what we do. Seminar discussions of existing work with those enrolled in the traditional publishing tracks may be combined with this program.

  • Books are planned and outlined. The first step to a good book is a great outline. We help you create one before you arrive.
  • Manuscripts are reviewed. If required, additional editing is encouraged, since a poorly edited book is a terrible waste of time and money.
  • Book design and page layout are addressed before final production steps are taken.
  • Cover design is examined in detail. For those who have elected to proceed to publication, the designers at Currente Media in New York are enlisted.
  • Distribution methods, rights protection and indexing and other activities are explained and discussed.
  • Fully functional, promotable websites with commerce components are created by participants as part of the process leading to final publication.
  • Amazon selling methods are explored along with other approaches to publication, including ebook production.
  • Post-publication topics include promotion, publicity, marketing and other tasks devoted to putting your finished, published book in the hands of an appreciative reader.

For most participants in the Brouzils Publishing Project, the result is a finished book in a fortnight!

Schedule of Publishing Program workshops (as of 9 June 2015) for 2015:

15-29 April. Returning participants only.

10-23 June. Registration now closed.

8-23 July. Registration now open. Two places remaining.

15-28 August. Registration now open. Two places remaining.

2-15 September. Registration now filled/closed.

2-15 October. Returning participants only.

Individual mentorship sessions may be available. Please inquire:

2016 schedule posted March 2016. The traditional annual schedule (as above) will be followed with minor adjustments. The April and October workshops are for returning participants only.


Fees vary according to project complexity. Get in touch and we’ll be happy to advise you.