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Mentorships and Fellowships

The Brouzils Mentorships. Personalized support for individual writers and trade and private publishers. The Mentorships comprise extensive, sustained online or in-residence guidance for writers engaged in project conception, proposal or treatment creation and manuscript completion and who require the collaboration of professional editorial mentors.

The need for this kind of support is obvious. Book publishing is undergoing tremendous changes; trade publishers, struggling for the last half-century in a difficult market, face increased competition from new technologies and new methods of production and distribution. Print-on-demand and other models suitable for promotion to dynamic niche markets have forced conventional publishers to be far more conservative with their acquisition budgets. Agents require clearly conceived, neatly prepared proposals for projects with an identifiable market that can be sold relatively quickly. Publishers seek cleanly executed projects that appeal to a broad but definable market. More than ever, manuscript preparation must be done in a timely manner to take maximum advantage of a publisher’s limited abilities to promote and market a book. All of these factors are important, yet all of them are in a constant state of flux. For screenwriters, the environment is even more fragile and complex. Today, a writer needs all the help he or she can get.

It’s no secret that writing is a lonely business. But more and more writers are finding their best work comes out in a collaborative process, one that matches the passion for telling the story with the objective, critical skills necessary to make sure the story’s told well. No wonder that even the most accomplished and successful writers seek the discreet help, advice, and support of reliable professional colleagues.

Mentorship services. Although they are a natural extension of the creative workshops and retreats offered by The Brouzils Institute, the Mentorships are not academic programs. They are designed for writers who wish a collegial relationship with one or more senior professional colleagues in order to create, organize, propose and complete a major assignment. Collaboration may take place entirely online, in residence at the Seminars’ premises for consultative purposes, or a combination of the two. The Mentorships cover a very wide range of authors’ services, from preparation and extensive revision of manuscripts at various stages of completion to highly confidential ghostwriting from the original material you supply. If you decide your book would be best published on a POD basis, we will help you with the necessary arrangements. Above all, mentorships are selective. If we don’t think we can help you, we’ll say so immediately.

Brouzils mentors are all professionals with extensive experience in screenwriting and trade publishing on two continents. Click here to see our current faculty list. Our work and the work of others with whom we have worked has been acquired and published by Simon and Schuster, Doubleday, New Line Cinema, Disney, Columbia, Viking, Pocket Books, Time-Warner, Harper Collins, Putnam Perigee, Ballantine, Planet Dexter, Scholastic, Three Rivers, Globe Pequot, Encounter Books, Random House, Knopf and other important publishers and film companies.

How Brouzils mentorships work:The Brouzils mentorships are unique, highly structured, extremely individualized collaborations with professional writers, journalists, screenwriters, novelists and poets. They are natural extensions of our very small residential sessions, but they are not typical writers workshops. They are designed to reach a specific goal: the completion of creative work—a novel, memoir, play, film, non-fiction book—in a timely manner and at a professional level.

Participants work collegially in Les Brouzils or online with the Seminars director and, when necessary, with additional Brouzils faculty to fulfill the requirements of constructing a proposal, chapter outline, character list, and a sequence of chapters written under agreed-upon deadlines over a specified period of time. The mentorships are structured to reward performance and the successful meeting of deadlines.

At least, that’s how it generally works. However, every creative project is by definition unique. To determine the best way to approach your project, please provide details in a confidential memorandum. Deposits, fees, schedules, availability of services, access to accommodations are all determined on a project-by-project basis. There is no schedule of prices, since the duration of mentorships varies. The tuition and fees for a two-week residency session start at $2650.00, including instruction, accommodation, breakfast and light lunches.

Creative retreats. Participants who have completed at least one full residential instructional session and are engaged in active mentorships are welcome to apply for accommodation and partial-board at the chateau on a space-available basis. Reduced accommodation rates apply.

Fellowshipsin the form of partial fee waivers are available on a merit basis and according to demonstrated need. Conditions apply. Deadline for fellowship applications is the first Monday in December, annually. Brouzils Fellows are named February 1.

Corporate, financial and business books.Many businesses, consultancies and personal careers are built on the unique ideas of a creative thinker contained in a well-crafted book intended not for traditional book-buyers, but as a component of a business strategy. For entrepreneurial leaders, executives, seminar leaders, meeting facilitators, consultants, HR experts and others, a book can be a vital tool in establishing credibility and authority. The Seminars provides access to the editorial and marketing facilities of Advantage Media Group, in which a client, working with an editor and a production team, can create a professional book for business or marketing purposes in just a few weeks. For details, contact us.

What to do next? It’s simple: click here and send a brief query outlining your project. Please do not send manuscripts. Allow five business days for a reply.

If you think you can help mentor others, and you have a substantial body of published or produced work, we’d like to hear from you, too. Everything you send us remains confidential, no matter what.