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Online Project Participation

Online versions of some of the Seminars’ most popular programs. For those for whom a European retreat is simply not possible or desirable, distance-learning participation in one of the Brouzils Seminars’ programs may be an ideal solution. The online versions of the programs reflect the same deadline-driven structure and theory of theĀ in situ sessions, but with a more customized approach and at a lower cost. Qualified applicants can enjoy the benefits of the Seminar’s most effective processes working at an agreed-upon schedule designed to give maximum incentive to project completion.

The following programs offer the possibility of online participation:

Preparation for publishing. All genres, except screenplays and children’s literature.

The goal of the Publishing Prep program is a very simple one: the strategic preparation of a writing project that has a reasonable chance of ending in success. It’s an ideal program for those who have a book project in mind, but lack the experience or discipline to define and launch the project in a way that leads to on-going engagement.

The premise: Unless you begin your book wisely, you will never finish it at all.

The process is similar to that used in the popular Memoir Writing Project. In the space of a very few weeks, participants will complete a finished, professional-level proposal, including introductory chapters, working outlines and other supporting documents in a closely controlled step-by-step, deadline-driven process. While the pace of the residential programs is very intense, in the online programs, this pace is necessarily relaxed. Nevertheless, the resulting dossier is everything a professional writer requires for distribution to agents, and through them, to publishers.

Qualifications: The Publishing Prep program is not intended to focus on writing skills, except as they inform a project’s publishability and subsequent marketing. Prospective participants are asked to submit writing samples in the form of electronic files or links to material already published on the web.

The Publishing Prep program is especially useful for writers who have successfully published one or more books and need support to formulate plans for subsequent projects.

Participation: Applicants will be asked to commit to a fixed schedule of deadlines after consultation with the Seminars director or another Brouzils faculty member. Fees are payable in advance. Penalties apply if deadlines are not met. Instruction is provided online and, when necessary or desired, in telephone consultations.


  • Stage One: Completion of a professional publishing proposal, including (but not limited to) the following documents: Marketing memo, character sketches, annotated chapter outline, sample chapter(s). Fees (inclusive): US$1625.00
  • Stage Two: Follow-up consultations, including a chapter-by-chapter mentorship on a goal-oriented time-line, is available to those who wish to continue on to manuscript completion. Fees vary.

Short-term residential options are also available on a space-available basis. Additional charges apply. Academic credits are not available. Limited fellowships are available to highly qualified applicants. Applications must be accompanied by a deposit of US$100, payable on acceptance. Balance due in 30 days from date of acceptance and before the initial instructional session.

Contact us for details and to register.

Memoir Writing Project Online. The online version of the Memoir Writing Project mirrors the structure and goals of the residential program. Participants are led through a goal-driven process that helps them locate and define the story at the center of their lives and provides the tools necessary for a succsessful launch of a memoir.

The goal of the online project is the creation of a set of documents that will enable participants to complete the work they begin here: A description, a memo concerning readership, a working outline and sample text material.

Participation is online with added telephone consultations when necessary. Participants are expected to meet agreed-upon deadlines.

Fees: US$1750.00. Applications must be accompanied by a deposit of US$100, payable on acceptance. Balance due in 30 days from date of acceptance and before the initial instructional session. Academic credit will not be awarded for this program. Limited fellowships are available for qualified participants.

Contact us for details and to register.

Faculty mentorships. The Brouzils faculty comprises working writers with long years of experience in publishing, screenwriting, children’s literature and television. Individual online mentorships are available to participants who wish to develop a collegial, on-going collaboration with a Brouzils faculty member. Participation is limited.

Fees vary. Contact us for details.